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A Song of Peace That Echoes Through the World ―The Hiroshima Peace Song―

Toyama and others were in charge of the arrangement and the English translation of the lyrics. The English translation has been made in a way that reproduces the meaning of the original lyrics. The third verse of the song uses a line from Dr. King’s famous “I Have A Dream” speech, giving it a stronger message

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English version of the Video “Hiroshima Peace Song” produced by organizations such as Hiroshima City

Utako Toyama, a musician living in the UK, translated the lyrics to the music into English and made a new arrangement. The video is approximately five minutes long. People from arts and cultural organizations in the suburbs of Hiroshima City carrying messages such as “Peace Forever” and “A World Without Nuclear Weapons” can be seen amidst the echoing of the beautiful singing voice of the musical group consisting of multinational musicians.


Meet Utako Toyama

"at SkyBridge concerts, we’ve had diverse audiences, ranging from wealthy individuals to those who have recently escaped homelessness, representing various cultural, racial, and religious backgrounds. The situations where people with vastly different life experiences, who might never have spoken otherwise, end up sitting next to each other, sharing smiles, shedding tears, singing together, and engaging in conversations afterward, represent the most rewarding moments for me as an artist."


Utako Toyama, peace award-winning songwriter :: Creative Humans

 "I often wondered, "If we can become friends through music, why do wars and discrimination persist in a world where information from across the globe is just a click away?" Reflecting on this, I realized that fostering genuine empathy through personal experiences could be the key to a better world" 

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Hiroshima Peace Song

This video features Songs for World Peace, Utako Toyama (winner of the first Hiroshima Award for Music during the first Hiroshima Festival and Songs for World Peace member), Berklee College of Music, Mayors for Peace Executive Cities, municipalities in the Hiroshima Regional Urban Area, and cultural arts organizations, and would not have been possible without their cooperation.

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Let Peace Sing Worldwide ~♪ Hiroshima Peace Song English version published


Songs for World Peace "We Declare Peace" Feat SkyBridge



こう歌い上げるのは、「世界平和の日(9/21)」を祝うプロジェクト「Songs for World Peace」に集った、世界各国のボーカリストたち。


Utako Toyama作・中山義恵ボーカルアレンジ『誰かの目で』世界平和の日 2021年9月21日にSongs for World Peaceが日本代表として発表

Songs for World Peaceイニシアチブは国連世界平和の日をお祝いし、全世界から集めた現地語での平和の歌の数々を2021年9月21日に発表しました。そのうち日本代表として、Utako Toyama作・中山義恵ボーカルアレンジ、日本を代表するアーティストの面々を迎えた作品『誰かの目で』を発表しました。



“Darling” has this romantic mood, a melodic line that comes and goes, almost like a conquest, and even a slight sensuality, probably because of the vocals that exude a strong femininity. 


Utako Toyama – Darling

“Darling” is a song about breaking up when you don’t want to hurt the person you care about. You feel they don’t deserve to get hurt but they should be the ones to leave instead of being left. By featuring Lisa Oduor-Noah (from Kenya), her soulful voice brought the song to a life.

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